Patternmaking Made Easy, 3rd Edition - E-Book*****DOWNLOAD******Click image for more details.

Patternmaking Made Easy, 3rd Edition - E-Book*****DOWNLOAD******Click image for more details.

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Patternmaking Made Easy will be of value to those interested in any aspect of fashion. It serves as an essential reference for the designer, professional patternmaker, costumer, and the cottage industry designer. It offers a simplified method of drafting and designing clothes and fills the need for a patternmaking text with well-defined illustrations and simple steps, emphasizing the requirements of today's fashion industry. The straightforward directions and clean illustrations demonstrate to the average reader that they too can enjoy a refreshing creative workflow, efficiently bringing design to reality.

The goal for this new edition was to make it a modern book. Most of the work focused on new and up-to-date designs with completely redrawn and enlarged illustrations, highlighted with color to show each pattern step more precisely. The quality difference of the old images versus the new images is huge. Furthermore, the layout and style differences draw the reader's attention more effectively. Better contents outlines have also been added, making pertinent information easy to find. The result is a more engaging experience that actively guides the reader.

This text has also been reorganized to demonstrate the process of patternmaking more intuitively and clearly. Projects flow and progress logically from basic foundation pattern skills to intermediate projects to advanced projects. In addition, it gives precise information about patternmaking and production requirements that the author has gained through her career in the fashion industry and classroom.

Patternmaking Made Easy, Third Edition, can be used as a teaching guide and reference for many years.

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