Galaxy 3 - Digital*****DOWNLOAD******Click image for more details.

Galaxy 3 - Digital*****DOWNLOAD******Click image for more details.

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Galaxy 3 continues with more techniques, hints, and tips from Margaret Islander's vast wealth of skills! There are no repeats - simply information that builds on what was taught in the Industrial Shortcuts, Shirts, Etc! and Pants, Etc! Expand your repertoire of industry methods with the most comprehensive instruction of its kind!

In Galaxy 3 you'll learn:

  • Simple mitering and double mitered bindings for any angle or trajectory - (no guess-work perfect formula)
  • More bound buttonholes for lightweight crisp fabrics
  • Altering collars and necklines
  • Turning your adjusted or drafted pant pattern into perfectly fitting no-side seam pants
  • and much, much more!

Once purchased this class will be available to you for the lifetime of Islander Sewing Systems 

After purchasing Galaxy 3, the digital content can be accessed on up to 3 devices. There are two options for viewing: 1. Web Player - online streaming accessed through your web browser. 2. Flux Player – A FREE app that allows you to download content and view it anytime and anywhere.