Fitting Patterns Using Draping Techniques

Fitting Patterns Using Draping Techniques

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Drape-fitting is the oldest and longest continuous means of evaluating and correcting the fit of a garment. This fitting book offers solutions to solve fitting problems for bodices, blouses, dresses, jackets, sleeves, knits, skirts and pants by using the drape-fitting methods.

By following these draping solutions, the designer will learn how to proportion the garment and fit it correctly, without any obvious pulls and wrinkles. The designer will learn how to evaluate the hang of center front, center back and side seams.

As the finished style is placed on the body, the designer can see if the garment hangs correctly and adjusts naturally to the activities of the wearer. Each project demonstrates how to evaluate the various fitting areas, such as darts, shoulder seams and side seams, as well as ease amounts, sleeve caps, and crotch shapes. Design details, such as silhouette shape, dart shapes, and sleeve movement are also features that the designer will be able to review.

Any design that looks attractive will conceal the figure problems, flatter the face and body, and will be comfortable to wear.