CS How to Sew - Studio Sewing Skills DVD

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CS How to Sew - Studio Sewing Skills DVD

Want to learn how to sew?
Interested in how to sew clothes for real life?

Connie's SEWING DVD instructs students with efficient techniques to learn how to sew in this fast-paced world. This DVD allows students to learn at their own pace. These sewing skills are designed to build knowledge progressively. The student learns the basics of sewing as well as how to assemble a garment in a logical and time efficient sequence. Students will complete a project that encourages them to sew more and more. This DVD will be useful for sewing labs, fabric stores, 4H groups, Girl Scout groups, home educators as well as traditional school curriculum. As students learn how to sew, they will also learn the construction process. With time and practice they will refine the skills presented throughout the DVD and obtain a greater ability to construct any garment.

Approximate Running Time:
Studio Sewing Skills: 1hr 56 min


Prep Your Machine & Paper Guides
  Wind Bobbin
  Thread Machine
  Bring up Bobbin Thread
  Change Needle
  Test Sew
  Foot Control
  Plain Seam
  Ripping a Seam
  Basting Stitch Seam
  Welt and Open Welt Seam
  French Seam
  Crimped Seam
  Straight Tapered Darts
  Fish-Eye Darts
  Fusing the Interfacing
  Attaching the Facings
Bias Bindings
  Cutting Bias Strips
  Single Bias Binding
  French Bias Binding
  Zipper Feet
  Lap Zipper
  Mock Fly Zipper
Garment Construction Procedures
Selecting a Pattern
Selecting Fabric
Pattern Layout
Cutting Methods
Garment Sewing Process
  Steps 1&2 - Interfacing / Darts
  Step 3 - Shoulder Seams / Sides
  Step 4 - Collar
  Step 5 - Facing
  Step 6 - Sleeves
  Step 7 - Serge / Hem
  Step 8 - Buttons / End

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