Pressing tools

  • 24" Seam Pressing Tool
    24" Seam Solution $25.00 Add To Cart
    This highest quality 24" long seam pressing rod can be used for pressing seams open, or the flat side can be used as a clapper. The rounded top is great for narrow seams. Hang it on the wall with the groove on the back...
  • A Pressing Tools Bundle
    A Pressing Tools Bundle $86.98 $78.29 Add To Cart
    Order all 3 wooden pressing tools, Clapper, Point Presser and Seam Solution and save 25%!
  • Aria 100SP
    Aria 100SP $399.00 Add To Cart
    AN ALL NEW WAY TO PRESS The all-new Aria 100SP with steam extraction is the ideal choice for those looking for an alternative to conventional ironing. With a pressing area 8x the size of an iron, the Aria 100SP will quickly...
  • Clapper
    Clapper $24.99 Add To Cart
    Hardwood Pressing Clapper is used to press and flatten fabric without burning or scorching. Grooves for easy gripping!
  • Point Presser with Clapper
    Point Presser with Clapper $36.99 Add To Cart
    This combination point presser and clapper is a valuable tool for any sewer looking for professional results. The point presser is used for pressing narrow corners, points, etc. You can press even hard-to-reach spots with...
  • Reliable Iron Maven 100IS
    Reliable Iron Maven 100IS $199.00 Add To Cart
    LIGHTWEIGHT + POWERFUL Say goodbye to ironing fatigue! We’ve combined the latest advancements in iron technology (with the lightest iron ever made) with power of a 3.5 bar steam boiler. MORE IRONING, LESS...
  • Reliable Senza 200DS Ironing Station
    Reliable Senza 200DS Ironing Station $299.00 Add To Cart
    DOUBLE DUTY IRON + IRON STATION The new Senza 200DS iron station is the first two-in-one solution for busy households. For light duty use, the Senza’s iron detaches from the station allowing it to be used...
With a patented two heating elements design, the Velocity 200IR pre-heats the water before it reaches the heated soleplate. This guarantees continuous steam even at low temperatures which means delicate fabric like wool can be ironed safely.
    Velocity 200IR $169.00 Add To Cart
    The all new Velocity 200IR compact vapor generator iron is the ultimate expression of our iron know how. The Velocity 200IR thinks (and more importantly acts) like a pro iron. Water is heated internally so it turns into...