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  • C - Double Green Shopping Bag
    C - Double Green Shopping Bag $9.95 Add To Cart
    This bag is "double green" because it not only dispenses with the unnecessary plastic bags from the store but it re-uses blue jeans. Just think every time you use this bag you will know that there are two less pair of jeans...
  • C - Quilted Pot Holder
    C - Quilted Pot Holder $0.00 Add To Cart
    FREE downloadable quilted pot holder pattern. This pattern was developed as a learn to sew pattern. It’s quick and easy and the best part is, it’s has excellent protection from the heat of hot dishes! Makes a...
  • C - Roll 'n Snap Market Bag Download
    C - Roll 'n Snap Market Bag Download $5.00 Add To Cart
    Roll `n Snap Market Bag The Roll ‘n Snap Market Bag is the perfect convenient, re-usable bag. When full size it measures 25" tall including handles by 4" wide and 19" deep. To store, just roll and snap into a 2" x 7"...