This highest quality 24" long seam pressing rod can be used for pressing seams open, or the flat side can be used as a clapper. The rounded top is great for narrow seams. Hang it on the wall with the groove on the back.

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Where has this been all my life?

Wow! a seam pressed in just one try! I have a smaller version & it took forever to press a seam open. Now pressed in a jiffy.

24"seam stick

I love these pressing tools. I do a lot of pant and other lengthy seam sewing and this tool is invaluable to me. Makes my sewing life MUCH easier, Great tool.

24" seam solution

I love this. I look at it as a clapper for areas the clapper can't reach. The wood and the length are perfect. Buy the clapper and the sram solution you need them both. Younwill love them fpr pressing. These two and steam will be your best friend.